The bee search is on!

Location: Portland, OR

Odometer: 199

The road trip is on!  Fittingly enough, it began with a rediscovery:  our specimen freezer, which had been lost in some virtual space between the West Marine warehouse and a nameless Fedex truck, suddenly reappeared.  After a few hours of wiring and packing, we left Seattle around midday today and headed south.

We expected a slow bee day (the weather wasn’t good), and so were not disappointed.  There were a few B. vosnesenskii, B. mixtus, and B. flavifrons on blackberry hedges, but we left them alone.

We’re staying overnight with friends, and heading out again in the morning.  The forecast is good.


Thanks again to everyone for their support, and especially to the Tamaki Foundation for their generous donation!

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