Admin notice: user accounts

I’ve noticed a number of new user accounts, all from questionable IPs and with names that are suggestive of random generation.  None of them have posted any comments, sent any messages, or (as far as I can tell) visited more than once, and then often for only a few seconds.  Occam’s Razor suggests that there are spammers out there who can get past the default settings on my (admittedly low end) captcha system, so Occam’s Ban Hammer says goodbye.  (I have learned not to trust automatically generated accounts.)

In the future, I’m going to delete suspicious user accounts under two conditions: if they post comments that strike me as obvious spam, or if they sit for more than two weeks after account creation without saying anything at all.  Of course, that does run the risk that I’ll deem an account suspicious when it really isn’t.  If that turns out to be you, I apologize in advance.

If you’re new here and planning to stick around, say hello!

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