New queens at the UW apiary

I mostly write about native bees, but I also work with honeybees.  I don’t keep my own hives – I travel too much, and under Seattle law, I’d have to build my apiary on the roof – but I stay in practice by working with the beekeepers-in-training at the UW greenhouse.  Since their blog is on the quiet side right now (hint, hint, y’all,) I’ll talk about UW bee events from time to time.



Today’s news: four new queens!  We only had one hive survive the winter, so it’s a big change to the apiary.  (I know, I know, but they are research hives, and subject to the Heisenberg Beekeeping Principle: every time you open the hive to make an observation, your observation has an effect on the system being observed.  This is especially true during the winter.)

Anyway, the bees arrived, we had a nice break in the weather, and a couple of students rediscovered that a nestless swarm of bees actually behaves like a liquid, if you don’t rile it up too much.  Congratulations to everyone who helped clean up the apiary and get the new hives out!

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